• How Can I Qualify for a Brand New Boda?

    Note: We only lease bodas to full-time motorcycle drivers. No sub-renting allowed.

    Be an experienced Driver

    Applicants must have 1 year of experience

    Belong to a Stage

    Riders must be part of a stage for at least 6 months.

    Attend All Our Classes

    Visit your closest Tugende Office

    where we hold classes daily.

    Supply 2 Guarantors

    Friends and Family who will support your lease. No land titles required.

  • What Documents Do I Need?

    Bring in the documents below to complete your application.

    National Identification Card

    National Identification, Driving Permit, Voter's Card, or Passport

    Membership ID of the Driver's Stage

    Or a letter of recommendation from the stage's Chairperson

    One Passport-Sized Photograph

    Find some locations here.

    LC1/Stage Recommendation Letter from Village Leader

    Tugende will provide the letter template.

  • Our Application Process

    Click through the arrows to see our application process --->

    1. Attend our Introductory Classes

    Classes are held daily at 1:30 PM.

    2. Complete your Application

    Submit your application fee, so our vetting team can serve you as quickly as possible.

    3. Meet with our Vetting Team

    Our Credit Officers will visit you and your guarantors to determine if you're ready for a Tugende lease.

    4. Submit your deposit

    Once approved, submit your deposit and be placed on the waiting list for a new Tugende motorcycle.

    5. Receive a New Boda!

    Come to the office with your guarantors and sign the final contract. We'll then transfer you your brand new boda! Within 24 months, it'll be yours.

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