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  • Our Process

    Responsible boda drivers become owners through the following core processes.

    Application & Education

    Applicants for Tugende leases come primarily from existing networks of trustworthy boda boda drivers and recommendations from passengers. Potential drivers must complete a three-week course on safety, company rules and customer service.

    Screening & Vetting

    Drivers that complete the education course are then thoroughly vetted through our client screening methods. These include scores of creditworthiness, in-person family visits and a pledge of support from the leader of the driver's stage (location and group with which each driver is affiliated). Our process helps identify the most trusted, responsible and committed lease recipients.

    Payment Collection

    Once selected, drivers select a brand new motorcycle of their choice (primarily Bajaj Boxer) and begin making weekly payments. Our standard lease is repaid over a 24-month period with principal and interest components. All drivers have the option to repay earlier (at no penalty) thereby offering considerable potential savings in interest payments. Payments are entirely cash-less and made by drivers via mobile money or via digital payment channels (PayWay).


    Upon completion of the lease, the title to the motorcycle is signed over to the happy driver and he begins doubling his daily take-home pay!

  • How Can I Get Involved?

    Love what we're doing? Think you can help? Here are a few ways you can get involved.


    Every week new drivers stream into our office excited for the opportunity to become their own boss. Tugende is growing quickly, but our waiting list is growing faster. Every donation shortens the time it takes us to get a quality driver his own motorcycle and on the path to stability and higher income. Any amount helps, and if you leave your contact information, we'll send you details about the driver whose motorcycle you helped buy. For larger amounts, and options like sponsoring an entire motorcycle, contact us directly at info@gotugende.com.

    Apply Your Skills

    Coming to Kampala for a while, or want to help out remotely? Tugende currently needs high-skilled assistance in all kinds of things including accounting and finance, web design, improving our social impact tracking, and planning how to reach tens of thousands of customers in the near future. If any of this gets you excited, especially in combination with motorcycle taxis and economic empowerment, let us know!

    Recommend a Driver

    Live or (have lived) in Uganda and know a great boda boda driver? Put us in touch by sending a note through the contact form! We are currently focusing on expansion in Kampala but happy to hear about great people in any part of the country to keep on our list as we grow.

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